Film Review: Flipped

So today something not that deep like otherwise. Semester is coming to an end what means: a lot of work to do. But because everyone needs a break sometimes I decided to take some time for watching “Flipped” again, probably the seventh time, after some years. The reason I watched this one so often: It is my favourite movie. At first look you might think “Just another teenage-love-story”. But it is a lot more than that. You can get so much out of it. And it´s definitely not a common “teenage love film”.
A little spoiler because this was what made me first like the film: there is no kissing scene. Instead they end up planting a tree. What can be cuter? And sustainable at the same time! … More Film Review: Flipped


Dia ko lucu

Satu cerita lucu dimana “lucu” adalah kata utama. Why? Just read: Ini mungkin bisa dibilang pengalaman pertamaku dengan “rasa suka”. Ketika kelas 1 SD. No, bukan aku yang suka. Sebaliknya, ada yang suka… iya sama aku (sampai hari ini aku ga ngerti gimana itu bisa terjadi.) Jadi gini, tiap hari pulang sekolah aku ke semacam … More Dia ko lucu

Kenapa aku suka sama dia?

Kalau orang nanya: “Nisa lagi suka sama siapa?“ Aku pasti jawab: “Ga suka sama siapa-siapa. Kalau suka sama orang paling sebagai teman aja.” Lalu reaksi teman-teman seperti “Ah bosan” “Yah gitu doang jawabnya” “Masa ga suka sama siapa siapa” dan semacem itu.

Mungkin kalian sekarang mikir. “Terus Nisa ga pernah suka sama seseorang?” Pernah ko. Dan suka sama orang tersebut kurang lebih 4 tahun. Let´s say my first crush.
Tapi ga pernah dekat. … More Kenapa aku suka sama dia?

Letter to you

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Dearest friend, We haven´t meet for quite a while.But it´s interesting to see how people develop. They do things you´d never expect them to do. They act in a way you would not have imagined. Some get philosophers, architects, teachers, nurses, engineers, managers and some become soldiers. Our ways have separated so long ago … More Letter to you

A Confrontation With Death

Loss is a part of life. People lose children, a spouse, a sibling, a relative or a friend. But looking at the regions where war and destructions rules and death could reach you every moment, from any direction many are losing their parents, their spouse, a lot of friends, their siblings, their relatives and their children. It´s a genocide. There have been many before. But it is spreading and the dimensions become bigger. It´s the death of humanity And I mean it like I say. Because what is happening right now primarily shows us one: It´s not long anymore until Yaumil Qiamah (the judgement day) is coming.
To use the winter break for something useful I went to the Juma´ah prayer with my parents after a long time. The topic of the Khutbah (the talk the Imam gives before the prayer) was the signs of Yaumil Qiamah coming closer considering the actual circumstances. … More A Confrontation With Death