Film Review: Flipped

So today something not that deep like otherwise. Semester is coming to an end what means: a lot of work to do. But because everyone needs a break sometimes I decided to take some time for watching “Flipped” again, probably the seventh time, after some years.[1] Usually I don’t watch films more than once or at least twice because there is just nothing else on TV or because watching together with friends. The reason I watched this one so often: It is my favourite movie. How can this be although it is not even a religious one? At first look you might think “Just another teenage-love-story”. But it is a lot more than that. It is not an educational movie, not in the common sense. But you can get so much out of it. And it´s definitely not a common “teenage love film”. To sum up some of the topics or rather lessons I caught out of the film:

  1. Giving your whole attention to a certain person can let arise feelings even in the beginning it seems like it would be one-sided.
  2. Relationships of any kind can only build up on dialog and communication. You have to get to know each other.
  3. It is more important to make your parents happy (in the scene I refer to it´s in first case her mother) and getting over your ego.
  4. Daddy knows, although you think he doesn´t. (This has not to be true all the time.)
  5. Family conflicts are normal. You just have to know how to handle it and face the problem.
  6. Get to know your neighbors. Many people are living next door to each other and have no real clue about the life behind the person they are greeting every morning (if this happens at all). Instead of building up your own opinion and having prejudices get to know them.
  7. Being rich and having a high standard doesn´t make you better than others, and you shouldn´t act neither feel superior.
  8. People with disabilities do not worth less. They can rather be an enrichment. Don´t avoid them or look down to them. They may be different but not worse.
  9. If people talking bad about you, your family, the place you live in or anything connected to you, instead of simply enduring it, you should rather try to make an effort giving them no space to attack you, even if it´s not of their business.
  10. Don´t judge something you don´t understand. Especially when you have no knowledge about it.
  11. And the most important one [quote]: A thing is more than just the sum of its parts.

This one might not be as clear as the others. I think it´s something everyone can interpret for his- or herself. It took me some time as well  to figure out what it could mean.

Ok, I think this are quite a lot topics. On the one side many of the points seem obvious. But even though or maybe even because they seem so self-evident we often forget about that. If you find some points incomprehensible it may get clearer when you have watched the movie. Or maybe you just don´t share my opinion. Feel free to let me know. I would be interested to read what you think.

I am not sure if I maybe interpret too much in it but no matter. It´s not supposed to be an objective article. (If something like objective articles even exist. But that´s another question.)

Maybe some facts about the film´s content, so you have a little idea what I am talking about. I guess people usually do this as an introduction. But better late than never, right?

The film plays in the 1960s in general (except the first scene), another thing that differentiates it from other common teeny films. It is about Juli Baker, played by Madeline Carroll, falling in love at first sight when she meets the new neighbor boy, Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe). He doesn´t share the feelings at all and only wants to get rid of her. Years passing and because of certain happenings Juli comes to the point that she isn´t sure anymore about her feelings towards her first love. But who wonders, Bryce realizing Juli loses interest starts to think more frequently about her until he gets to the point of trying everything to rise her feelings again. But she abandons him. Family conflicts, wrong assumptions, dishonesty, eggs and a tree come up in the film.

Probably best film cover I know.             Tree – sunset – silhouettes.

There are also some parts that are kind of weird, in my opinion, like an auction for going out with a boy, even though it was for beneficial reason. But I guess it´s a part of the school culture those days. However it´s no major part of the film.

This is really brief but I actually don´t want to tell you everything but to watch you the film. (Maksa banget.)

And one side fact, the main actor, Callan McAuliffe, does quite well in his role playing the handsome, insecure, and somehow cute Bryce Loski.

So for the one who doesn´t know the movie yet (and I think most of you doesn´t) at least now you know. If you haven´t watched it, do! I only can recommend it. A little spoiler because this was what made me first like the film: there is no kissing scene. Instead they end up planting a tree. What can be cuter? And sustainable at the same time!

New idea for the next present to your beloved? It will definitly last longer than a bunch of flowers

A little more spoiler, simply because I found it so great, the last sentencee of the film: “And I knew we´d be talking for a long time.”

If you have watched it I would really like to know what you think. If you share my preference for the film or think that it was a waste of time (I am sorry if that may be the case).

A little tip: You can even watch it on Youtube. So, what are you waiting for?






[1] The truth is I thought I could concentrate better having an old film playing in the background-did not succeed.


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