Assalamualaikum, selamat datang!

Welcome on my blog!

I am writing about life in Germany as a Muslim teenager. I am not only grown up here, I am also german by origin – half of mine. The other half is Indonesian (and probably other things I can´t name). So that´s why I call it IndoGerman.

People often ask me about life in Germany as a Muslim, especially Indonesian friends but also German friends like to ask about Islam and the Muslim life. That´s why I decided to share some of my experiences and also some thoughts – things that are somehow important to me. And maybe I can also give some adiveces for my muslim friends out there, some motivation or inspiration.

Actually I prefer writing in english because it comes more fluently. Anyway some parts will be in Indonesian. On the one hand because this is just the way I think and how I can express myself best. On the other hand it may be easier to understand fo some Indonesian fellows (sorry, I don´t wanna be discriminative). Maybe some entries will also be in german but this happens rather rarely (don´t know, I don´t like writing in german). I already apologize to the people who might not understand part of the texts. If anyone wishes I may translate them.

So enough introduction. Enjoy reading!