A Confrontation With Death

Last week I lost someone special to me. No one essential but it is weird somehow not having him around anymore after twelve years. (Before you have any false assumptions: It´s about my pet.) No big deal in fact. The reason I write about it is that it reminded me that death overtakes anyone. No matter if we live for a long time or a short, in the end we will all return to what we have been before: The earth god has created us out of.

Loss is a part of life. People lose children, a spouse, a sibling, a relative or a friend. But looking at the regions where war and destructions rules and death could reach you every moment, from any direction many are losing their parents, their spouse, a lot of friends, their siblings, their relatives and their children. It´s a genocide. There have been many before. But it is spreading and the dimensions become bigger. It´s the death of humanity And I mean it like I say. Because what is happening right now primarily shows us one: It´s not long anymore until Yaumil Qiamah (the judgement day) is coming.

If you don´t believe in things like hell and paradise, in the end of  world, stop reading. If you want to continue anyway feel free to go ahead. I am not writing about this to scare anyone. But it is something we all should be aware about.

To use the winter break for something useful I went to the Juma´ah prayer with my parents after a long time. The topic of the Khutbah (the talk the Imam gives before the prayer) was the signs of Yaumil Qiamah coming closer considering the actual circumstances.

A few signs mentioned were:

-More and more people will commit suicide. People wish themselves to be dead.

“The Hour will not be established till a man passes by a grave of somebody and says: Would that I were in his place.” (Sahih Bukhari)

(See post below what this has to do with Aleppo.)

-Muslim groups will fight against each other and they won´t be in their right mind.

-Muslims will be oppressed all over the world.

-The victim won´t know what for he was killed and the murderer won´t know what for he is killing.

These are only a few. They are a lot more. As well some that are already clear seen for a long time. (If you are interested in the other signs you may look them up somewhere.)

If anyone might think now: So the world might come to an end. So what? Sooner or later we will die anyway. Of course we will die. But if the signs that the Prophet salallahu alaihi wa salam predicted about 1450 years ago are coming true and you can see them with your own eyes do you still dare to think that other facts he reported are false? And if the things he reported are true wouldn´t it be smart to follow the advices and the duties Allah subhanah wa ta´ala told us and to stay away from the prohibitions? I am not in the position to advice in anyone. Consider it is a reminder for a thing we should constantly keep in mind: We won´t live forever and we don´t know when death reaches us. But what we know is that after death there will be a next life for what we shall prepare to protect ourselves, our families our brothers and sisters in deen by reminding each other to do good and to prevent bad, to keep sabr (patience and steadfastness) despite any hardship, to remember Allah in every situation.

“O you who believe, protect yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is people and stones, over which are [appointed] angels, harsh and severe; they do not disobey Allah in what He commands them but do what they are commanded.”(At-Tahrim, 6)

So there are certain things we should learn out of what is happening in Syria right now:

  1. Be grateful for what you have. (Being grateful doesn´t mean to simply be happy. It also includes to thank the One who is responsible for all the graces you are given with your actions and words.)
  1. Dead may come expected or unexpected we should be ready. (Probably no one is ever really ready for dead. But at least we should prepare by collecting good deeds and searching for the pleasure of our Lord.)

3. Riots can make things worse than a cruel dictator. (Okay this topic is something that should be discussed further but I don´t want to overload this post.)

  1. The signs of the judgement day accumulate, so it won´t be long anymore.

Saying it won´t be long doesn´t mean it have to be in the next few years. It is not sure if it will happen within our lifetime. The point is we should be even more concerned of our deeds, our duties, the responsibility Allah subhanahu wa ta´ala has given to us. We should prepare to return to the One that created us once and will reawaken us. So if you want to make any good intentions for the next year consider that you don´t know if you will reach the next year, the next month or even the next day. Too often we push death away meanwhile it is so close to us. This shall not drive anyone to be pessimistic, not at all. Instead be an optimist, but be a realistic one, be a smart one. Consider tomorrow but don´t forget today. Be a dreamer but don´t forget to make the most of the moment.

May Allah protect us from the punishment on the day when there will be no shafaa´ah (intercession) and no help except His.


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