Lagi males ngetik, jadi kali ini tulisan originalnya aja, lebih personal juga kan. Cerita di belakang lyrics ini panjang, terlalu panjang utk di ceritakan disini, terlalu banyak utk di ketik sekarang.  Ciptakan cerita masing2 sendiri. Berharap ini bisa jadi inspirasi utk imajinasi masing2, imajinasiin yang baik2 aja ya. (Btw ini kerjaan di saat bosan kuliah, … More Kapanpun

Ramadan Review I


In the previos post I talked about my experience with pain or rather the conclusions out of it – in a rather general way. Because I realized that it can helpt to read or get to know aobut others experiences, I decided to share mine, in hope it could help anyone.

To summarize from the post before: the last days of Ramadan were quiet hard for me because of a certain thing (I don´t want to call it problem) that stuck in my mind and haunted me. In the following you gonna get a little more insight to the story. … More Ramadan Review I


“Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain But there won´t be sunshine without any rain.” We all experience pain in our lives – even if we might wish and try to always stay happy and strong. The last days of Ramadan (and also some after it) it  was the topic that haunted me. That´s why … More Pain