Letter to you


Dearest friend,

We haven´t meet for quite a while.But it´s interesting to see how people develop. They do things you´d never expect them to do. They act in a way you would not have imagined.

Some get philosophers, architects, teachers, nurses, engineers, managers and some become soldiers.

Our ways have separated so long ago and maybe still go in the same direction, maybe not. No matter which way you have chosen, make the best out of it. Always give your best! There may come a time you regret your decision, a time things start to tire you. But never give up! Remember why you´ve taken this decision. Remember the reasons, the aim you want to reach and get up again with new motivation.

And if it happens that you have made a mistake, don´t forget it´s never too late to change your path, to try another direction.

I am really excited what you gonna make out of yourself and how you´ll change the world or at least the universe around you.

Can´t wait to see your efforts. I wish you all the best for your path, success, happiness and the guidance of God. Whatever aim you have, I am sure you can reach it as long as YOU keep believe in it. Just never give up!

I am not sure if this is an appropriate ending or if I am supposed to write this. Anyway,

With Love,

Your Friend


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