(Not) Perfect

I reached to be productive while not sleeping most part of the night. Unfortunatly it wasn´t my assignment. And I don´t know if creating new lines can be considered as productive. Anyways, a few days ago was “International Women´s Day”. At least everyone said so because I am not the kind of feminist that really … More (Not) Perfect

Kehilangang focus

Actually I should be working on my study assignment right now. But my thoughts are just too far away at the moment to focus on things like study work. So instead of starring at the display or rather stalking instagram or old pictures that won´t improve the situation, I decided to write. Not what I am supposed to write but at least there is an output even though it´s not the output needed right now. This really won´t be something productive. So if you want to spend your time for something useful, don’t read this. … More Kehilangang focus

Change anything

We are so crazy I can´t believe it We are so strange, no one understands But we just know what our way is We know what we are doing this for   For the pleasure of our Lord Because all the graces given to us The responsibility we take We are just us   So … More Change anything

Ketika suka dan duka bertemu

tAda saat dalam hidup dimana tidak ada kata untuk mengungkapkan rasa yang bercampur dalam seorang diri Dan tidak ada orang untuk menyampaikan rasa yang bercampur dalam seorang yang dia sendiri tidak mengerti Air mata yang bercerita tentang kesedihan, mengekspresi kesakitan, rasa yang terpendam di dalam hati sejak waktu yang berakumulasi Ada senyuman yang bercerita dari … More Ketika suka dan duka bertemu