Pahlawan itu apa?


Because today is Indonesia´s Independence day I thought it would appropriate to share another story of some experiences and thoughts with you guys that are connected to the topic of Idols and the question “What is a hero?” Pahlawan itu apa? And maybe even who is a hero? … More Pahlawan itu apa?


Saling mengenal setelah menikah lebih indah

Ini bukan sekedar tausiyah semacam diceritain sama ustad-ustad. Ini hanya sekedar sharing pengalaman. Bukan pengalaman aku sendiri yaaa. Diriku belum bisa ceritain pengalaman pernikahan karena yah memang ga ada, belum ada. Ini pengalaman seorang teman dekatku. Kita dulu duduk bersama di bangku SMA (atau sederajat karena di Jerman namanya bukan SMA). Beberapa bulan setelah kita lulus dia menikah. Dia bukan seorang muslim, bukan religius, percaya Tuhan pun tidak (atau mungkin belum). Dan sebelum dia dan pasangannya menikah, mereka baru kenal tiga bulan. Jadi bagaimana dia bisa menikah semuda itu walaupun tidak ada latar belakang yang mendukungnya untuk melakukan hal itu? … More Saling mengenal setelah menikah lebih indah

Ramadan Review I


In the previos post I talked about my experience with pain or rather the conclusions out of it – in a rather general way. Because I realized that it can helpt to read or get to know aobut others experiences, I decided to share mine, in hope it could help anyone.

To summarize from the post before: the last days of Ramadan were quiet hard for me because of a certain thing (I don´t want to call it problem) that stuck in my mind and haunted me. In the following you gonna get a little more insight to the story. … More Ramadan Review I


“Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain But there won´t be sunshine without any rain.” We all experience pain in our lives – even if we might wish and try to always stay happy and strong. The last days of Ramadan (and also some after it) it  was the topic that haunted me. That´s why … More Pain

Ramadan Talk

I was asked to write a text for an interreligious Iftar last week. That´s why it´s exceptionally in german. So this blog can be finally be called trilingual. (Maybe I could add some other languages…). It´s actually not the version I presented at that evening but closer to the original one. (The text was edited a few times to fit into the framework of the event.)

Warum fasten Muslime?
Eine vielgestellte Frage.
Eine Vielzahl von Antworten. … More Ramadan Talk

Going to the woods / A day out with the kids

The last week I had probably the happiest days in the last several… maybe month. Why? Bukan karena ketemu doi (emang ada doi? Ya tergantung definisi sih). Atau mungkin juga karena ketemu doi

I went to my parents home for the weekend and on one day there was a pengajian[1] (or sohbet in turkish), where I met again with my three beloved kiddos (the children of my mother´s friend that I know since their birth and I used to take care of sometimes) after I haven´t seen them for several month. … More Going to the woods / A day out with the kids

Cinta itu hoax? –Love is a lie?

(Indonesian and English translation)
We once got a task in school (in Indonesia) where we should define „What is love?“ (sounds like a title of a song –what it actually is). For me a quiet weird question to talk about as a school task. We were split into groups of boys and girls and should discuss about the question and our opinion´s towards it.
“Love are words…” was the first answer of a boy´s group.

I couldn´t agree. If love would only be expressed by words it would be worthless, without value. Just a human´s creation.
“Love is a lie” was the next statement. … More Cinta itu hoax? –Love is a lie?

A Love Letter

*This is going to be a bilingual post. If you don´t understand one part just skip it (or try to translate).

Hai kamu,

Apa kabar kamu jauh disana? Sudah lama tidak berjumpa. Aku mau nyampaikan sesuatu kepadamu.
Ga tau mau mulai dari mana. Daripada bikin ribet langsung to the point aja.
Aku merinduimu. Sangat. … More A Love Letter

Kehilangang focus

Actually I should be working on my study assignment right now. But my thoughts are just too far away at the moment to focus on things like study work. So instead of starring at the display or rather stalking instagram or old pictures that won´t improve the situation, I decided to write. Not what I am supposed to write but at least there is an output even though it´s not the output needed right now. This really won´t be something productive. So if you want to spend your time for something useful, don’t read this. … More Kehilangang focus