A weird week II – Study and Love Consulting

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Like I told you in the last post I was thinking about writing a sequel to the first part of a weird week because there was still stuff I didn´t managed to write about. Probably “A weird month” would be a more appropriate title because after the last part more tell-able events occurred. So I am kind of glad I didn´t picked up on this topic before because the last days gave me even more input about the topic – not study but rather the second one.
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A weird week

Usually I don´t write a lot about my daily life. Or do I?

However, my last week, or rather last weeks (in plural) were quiet weird. Weird in which way? In all possible ways I guess. Full of stress, tears, laughter, love, all kind of emotions, experiences and lessons. Especially because of the last one I thought about writing it down. For myself on the one hand, to remember what I learned out of those weird days, and on the other hand in hope that someone can take a benefit out of it.

A summary in quotes:

Jodoh itu ga kemana. Pasti ketemu lagi.

Orang yang kita suka belum tentu baik untuk kita. Jangan terlalu percaya kepada perasaan. Allah Maha Tau. Maka percayalah apa yang Allah rencanakan bagi kita itu pasti baik.

Sebagus apapun sebuah tempat, tidak bakal memberi kebahagiaan jika kamu tidak mendapatkan cinta disana.

Mungkin agak serem jalan sendiri tapi lebih serem dapat dosa jalan berduaan.

I guess sometimes it´s okay to lose something. Because when it returns to you, you appreciate it even more.

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