Sooo after not having published for a while because of being busy with university and other stuff I decided to finally write about a topic that stuck in my head for quite a while. Something everyone of us should have, something everyone of us MUST have, something that in my opinion is essential for living: Dreams.
And you know what´s the most important part on dreams? It´s not that they come true. But to remember them.

Once a friend told me “When you have a dream, write it down. And then pin it onto your wall, so that you´ll always have it infront of your eyes. Even though you have no idea how to reach it. That doesn´t matter. It´s only important that you always remember it.” … More Dreams


Star Wars and a new year

About two weeks ago the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released. Fortunatly holidays were close, so me and my dad being both Star Wars fans (rather me than him) decided to await the few days till we could finally see each other again and go to the cinema together. Because we hadn´t watched the last episode (VII) we had to catch up on that first. Wouldn´t be funny to watch the new one and not understanding half of the plot.

This way it happened that I spent new year´s eve with watching Star Wars. And started the new year (actually one day later) with watching Star Wars. Honestly I don´t really care about new year. I mean it´s only a change of dates, not like something magical would happen. Anyways I have to admit that after the two movies I am even more into the Star Wars stuff than before. That´s why I had to share my impressions with you. No, it won´t be about how great the special effects are or how bad or good I find the cast. It gonna be quiet deeper. … More Star Wars and a new year

Letter to you

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Dearest friend, We haven´t meet for quite a while.But it´s interesting to see how people develop. They do things you´d never expect them to do. They act in a way you would not have imagined. Some get philosophers, architects, teachers, nurses, engineers, managers and some become soldiers. Our ways have separated so long ago … More Letter to you