Songs without Melody

Sometimes I am wandering or rather biking through the streets, woods or anything and suddenly a song pops up in my mind. Probably everyone knows this feeling. Eventhough I still fail sometimes my resolution for not listening to music works quite well most of the times. But if I am not listening to music how does it happen that this melody comes to my ming? The songs I am talking about no one of you would know and you can´t find them on youtube or anywhere because the songs doesn´t exist, actually. So how can I sing them? Because they arise from my own melody. I wonder if this is because I listen rarely to music and so there is more space for own creation or maybe if I am just weird.

Maybe that´s how songwriter create their music. But I have no idea because I don´t even play an instrument neither have I a talent for combining notes ( I haven´t tried honestly). In fact I also always imagined songwriters sitting infront of their piano or guitar and than try mix notes and words together so that it sound nice. Anyway back to the point. One reason beside others I don´t listen to music is because in my opinione it isn´t conducive to listen to songs when its content is mostly, sorry to they that, crap. I mean honestly when you simply focus on the content what do they talk about? Parties, Alkohol, drugs, YOLO, that you, your wishes and desires stand in focus of the universe. If not so they are telling about broken hearts or cheesy love stories that everyone wishes for themselfs to happen. So instead of stressing my head with that kind of rubbish I prefer listening to my own melody.

Maybe you know the feeling when a song you heard once is playing in your head, you start to sing along and than realize how bad the content actaully is. In my case I find it really annoying. Because for me it´s the the message it shall transport and also the word used that counts the most. And no matter how nice a song might sound if the lyrics don´t conform with my moral views I won´t consider them as a positive contribution to mankind.

Sooo what this whole introductions is about: I would like to share some of my lyrics with you. I am not saying they are special, godd or anything. But I thought…honestly I don´t know what I thought putting them viral. Unfortunatly you can´t hear the melody that is playing in my head which probably would make the words sound prettier. Anyway I don´t want to provide you my melody but rather encourage you to find your own. And even  if you you plainly read the texts I hope you can still get the essence.