Did you ever had the situation in school when you had to analyze poetries and everyone, especially the teacher, was interpreting so much in it. I always wondered if the author had really that deep thought when writing it or just thought it sounded nice and thus wrote it down, maybe just some obscure thoughts. And now I wonder what people might think reading my wannabe poetries. I would be interested in hearing it if you have any thoughts about it (and if it is similar to what I connect with it myself).

Enjoy reading!



Selamat tinggal

I wrote this one almost a year ago. The last time I was in Indonesia. The lines came up in my mind so often in the last weeks and I thought a long time about posting it. Because somehow it´s a topic that is still really present for me at least at some times.


Like you may have realized it was after I said goodbye to someone there. It was someone I´ve met for the first time and when I left those where the words of our farewell. Before you make any weird assumptions it was no one that special but the words made me think about farewells, separation, loss, life and death and the connection of it all. Probably I could go even deeper in the analyzation but I would rather leave this to you!


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