Star Wars and a new year

About two weeks ago the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released.  Fortunatly holidays were close, so me and my dad being both Star Wars fans (rather me than him) decided to await the few days till we could finally see each other again and go to the cinema together. Because we hadn´t watched the last episode (VII) we had to catch up on that first. Wouldn´t be funny to watch the new one and not understanding half of the plot.

This way it happened that I spent new year´s eve with watching Star Wars. And started the new year (actually one day later) with watching Star Wars. Honestly I don´t really care about new year. I mean it´s only a change of dates, not like something magical would happen. Anyways I have to admit that after the two movies I am even more into the Star Wars stuff than before.  That´s why I had to share my impressions with you. No, it won´t be about how great the special effects are or how bad or good I find the cast. It gonna be quiet deeper.

While other people lean back when watching movies, only try to relax and enjoy my head is working the way that it tries to find out how you can learn something out of the story, how you can take a benefit out of it, to make it a useful experience (nonton film aja maunya bermanfaat, ribet bgt ga sih). So one thing I try to take out of films are the quotes, the inspiring, motivating, touching and sometimes also the heart breaking quotes.

So the most impressing quote (in my opinion) of Star Wars VII -The Force Awakens was:

I feel torn apart. I want to be free from this pain. I know what I have to do. But I don´t know if I have the strength. Will you help me?

-Kylo Ren

With that quote I left 2017 and it resonated till 2018. Somehow it quiet represented how I felt most time or at least in many moments of the last year. All the struggles summed up in one quote that randomly appeared in a film by chance watched in the last hours of the year.


My favorite quotes of Star Wars VIII -The Last Jedi:

The greatest teacher is failure.

– Master Yoda

We only can win, if we not fight against what we hate but by saving what we love.

– Rose

(I hope I translated them right cause I had to watch it in german *such a pitty)

While the quote of Episode 7 represented my way through the last year I hope the ones of Episode 8 will accompany me through this year: to learn out of failures, to not let yourself down because we aren´t perfect but rather take it as a chance to improve; and to fight for what we love, what is important to us, to never give up for making our dreams come true.

This was the personal part I connected to the movie. Actually there were two more quotes of The Force Awakens that went into my mind which were:

Leia: You know, no matter how much we fought, I´ve always hated watching you leave.

Han: That´s why I did it. So that you´d miss me.

Leia: I did miss you.


You’re so lonely… So afraid to leave… At night, too desperate to sleep… You imagine an ocean… I see it… I see the island… And Han Solo… You feel like he’s the father you never had. He would have disappointed you.

-Kylo Ren

Hmm what does this tell about me? You can make your own conclusions.

But I guess I tell you anyways. To the first one, I realized that missing took a big part in my life (or rather in my heart?). I don´t know why, I don´t know if this feeling ever gonna disappear, if someday we can simply be confident and happy with what we have. It´s not that I wouldn´t be grateful, confident or happy. Alhamdulillah most of the time I am, or at least I try to. But there are moments where it feels like there would be something missing (or someone?). That my heart feels torn and an emptiness is feeling the gap. Ok to much detail. What I think the quote is actually telling is that you´ll always gonna miss someone you love, no matter how far the distance is – distance in space and time. Even if he/she makes you crazy. And people you love are mostly the one who are the best in making you crazy. But still when they leave, they still remain in our hearts. (Sorry, it´s starting to get cheesy.)

So that leads to the second quote. Actually I considered only the first part as important. Loneliness can be quiet bad. Bad in accordance to personal motivation, productivity, mental health and thus to your physical health as well. Loneliness can make you anxious, powerless, desperate and in the worst case depressive. I am not saying it is bad to be alone. Not at all! Sometimes you need a little Me-time, to get to know yourself, to be unindependet. Everyone needs that. You can´t be surrounded by people all the time. That would stress you out as well or even more – at least that´s the way I feel. You need a balance like for everything in life. Being alone is okay. A little loneliness in general doesn´t has to be negative. It makes you appreciate the people in your life even more, the people who care, who listen, who love you and sometimes simply exist. In some way it can make you even stronger. But too much loneliness can be quiet destroying to the human soul. And I guess it´s a problem many societies are struggling right now. But that´s another, much brighter topic I simply wanted to mention. An impulse to think about…

Thinking about the quote in a whole I realized that the second part, where Han Solo and the role of a father or the desire to have one, is mentioned. Yes, dads are quiet important in the process of growing up – and in general. Of course mothers are too. But what makes you feel more safer than the hug of your dad? Mum´s hugs are also nice but different. So one thing I realized in the past is that it is quiet important to have a male person in your life, to give you the feeling of protection, understandness (even they are not always that good in it), to joke around and all the other stuff.

You might think: But a female can do it as well! Yea of course, a mother can do it, a friend can, anyone can – in theory. But it´s different. No matter how many people want to tell me man and woman are the same, I never gonna believe that cause they are not! Man simply have different attributes, different characteristics that are more profound. Of course you can´t generalize that, like there is nothing that can be generalized. Somehow this is digging in the gender debate, a discussion I actually don´t want to open at this point. Skip.

Just to last phrase: “He would have disappointed you.” If we set our hopes and expectations in people we will be often disappointed. But that´s okay I guess. We only have to accept that things won´t always go the way we´d like them to. People won´t always behave the way we expect them to. But we will often be suprised what this people may give us instead. Surprises are even better than fullfilled hopes, or not?

Alright enough to the personal part. There are still some more impressions I would like to share. Especially one thing I realized about the characters or rather about the cast. Regarding the cast of the last 6 episodes and the new one you can see some interesting differences which, in my opinion, represent the state of the society and the time we live in. While before the main characters were white maen (Anakin, Luke, Han Solo, Obi Wan Kenobi), expcept Leia who in my view didn´t play such an essential role and she is still white,

Old cast:

in the new parts we have a high variety of ethnic background. The main characters consist of a black, an asian, a latino and a strong woman as the main character (we will get back to this later). Okay, we still have Kylo Ren who is male and white. But he is at the dark side (what does that tell us?) and it would be kind of weird Leia and Han having a son that doesn´t resembles them at all.

New Cast:


What else that I realized about the movie?

Ga ada cogan! I couldn´t see any handsome actors. The most handsome would probably be BB8:

star wars bb8
Can someone please get me one?! *-*

(Sorry not meant to offend anyone). But it´s no criticism, it´s an approval. Honestly I am tired only seeing the most good-looking humans on screen the whole time. You don´t have to be handsome or pretty to get successful or be good at anything, and especially to be a good human. We may not do it on purpose but by showing only good-looking people in movie, magazins etc. we claim that it´s the norm. But it´s not! Beside that beauty is relative. And beside that it shouldn´t be what characterizes a person. Okay I have to admit Daisy Ridley as Rey looked quiet pretty. But a cute way of being pretty, natural way. At least she hasn´t the beanpole model body figure what you have to see most time seeing women in tv, social media etc. And I am so tired how people are so much into looks.[1]

Gets me to the next point:

The character of Rey. Main character of the movie. The protagonist. The hero. And a woman. A young woman. A strong woman. A woman who had a tough past but chose to get out of her comfort zone and to engage for something bigger. Someone who is worth to see as an idol. And not the typical girl role who´s purpose it is to find her true love who helps her achieving her goal, her aim, her “prince” who makes her life complete, who needs her to support him or to save him from the bad inside himself. No she is fighting her own fight. A fight for the well-being of others, of the universe. Gets me to the topic of passion, dreams and effort. But that´s something for another story.

If I may have a daughter one day (and I really hope to do so) I would rather show her Star Wars instead of some of those princess movies who teaches you that finding your prince charming is one of the biggest goals in life. No contradictions cause it´s true! When you are a little innocent girl it may be fun to watch them but honestly it´s creating such an unempowering perception of life and the world. I am not saying it´s wrong to want to have someone on your side, to love and to be loved. That´s a part of life as well. But don´t set your goal in it. It´s only a part of the whole. Having a partner on your side is great in terms of support, understanding and affection. But there are sooo many more important things in life. Like fighting for your dreams. Caring for others. Being strong. Being an inspiration for the people around the way YOU are.

Probably I could write for hours about all the topics I caught up on. And there are actually even more thoughts about the movie that are wandering through my head. But I don´t want to waste your time with my chaotic thoughts. Only one last thing: For me Star Wars VIII is the best film of the year- and I mean 2018. It has still 361 days left to convince me of the opposite but I am sure it won´t make it.

For that, Disney did a good job this time.

Thank you if you already took a little of your time to follow me through my wide line of thoughts. Especially in this exhaustive post where I tried to kind of order my life thoughts. I really appreciate it.

Last but not least:

star wars 3
The Force that comes from Allah swt, the most Powerful, ofc – to bring the islamic persective in 😉






[1] About looks I can recommend “Beastly” which I watched lately but that´s another topic. Thinking about writing a review about the film as well. Would someone be interested?


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