A Love Letter

*This is going to be a bilingual post. If you don´t understand one part just skip it (or try to translate).


Hai kamu,

Apa kabar kamu jauh disana? Sudah lama tidak berjumpa. Aku mau nyampaikan sesuatu kepadamu.

Ga tau mau mulai dari mana. Daripada bikin ribet langsung to the point aja.

Aku merinduimu. Sangat.

I miss looking out the window onto the mountain scenery.

I miss the sound of the prayer call, so many voices that you are puzzled which one to repeat.

I miss the sound of the geckos at night.

I miss the cicaks sticking on the walls and sometimes running on the tables.

I miss sitting in the garden watching Jagung[1] running around.

I miss observing the ants running up and down a tree.

I miss the colourful houses beside the streets.

I miss seeing the children playing and running around di kompleks.

I miss walking to the mosque when it is already or still dark outside.

I miss the sleepovers and going home after subuh prayer.

I miss the everyday surprising visits of people you sometimes don´t even know.

I miss the crowded streets full of pollution.

I miss riding bike between all the cars and motorbikes because there is no proper bicycle lane or any proper lane at all.

I miss going lost in the jumble of your streets.

I miss the sound of motorbikes rushing by, the sound you hear all the day from inside the house.

I miss the uneven roads that make you shake inside the car when crossing it.

Sometimes I even miss sitting in the car for hours without knowing where we are actually going.

I miss the big malls where I try not to waste too much time in.

I miss the tanned people that in fact aren´t tanned because it´s their actual skin colour.

I miss listening to them while talking, a language that is so familiar but I sometimes still don´t understand.

Aku kangen sama sifat-sifat khas pendudukmu.

Aku kangen tukang-tukang di pinggir jalan jual aneka makanan terenak di dunia.

Aku kangen kangen kunang-kunang di depan ruamah di saat malam[2]

When I come home even though I should already be home at that time.

I miss sitting on the balcony or the roof at night

Watching satpam keliling ngejaga kompleks.

I miss your crazy people

Even though they can be annoying to the fullest

Everyone of them

There are so many negative things to say about you

But still you managed to let me leave a part of my heart with you.


You are not the place I was born.

You are not the place I grew up.

You are not even the place I spend a very long time of my life at

Although it feels like decades.

But somehow you are the place everything began.

The place I´ll never forget.

The place I never could live.

The place I always will miss.


The place I always gonna return to.

Hope to meet you again soon.



[1] The name I gave the cock in our garden

[2] Too inconvenient to translate this


Note: There probably gonna be a session of some photographies of the things I talk about above. I am not sure if it gonna be directly on the blog or only on Instagram. And I also don´t know yet when it´s going to happen. So stay tuned guys and have a nice weekend!


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