(Not) Perfect

I reached to be productive while not sleeping most part of the night. Unfortunatly it wasn´t my assignment. And I don´t know if creating new lines can be considered as productive. Anyways, a few days ago was “International Women´s Day”. At least everyone said so because I am not the kind of feminist that really is too much into those topics although I absoluty agree with rights for women, appreciation of yourself, bein self- confident and so on…

I don´t want to go too deep in this topic. I simply thought the lines could fit this occasion quiet well even though the reason for its creation is not directly related to it.

not perfect

Note: You may have realized the “fancy” background. Actually I don´t like purple but I wanted it to be different and I thought it would fit. Because a one coloured background seemed too flat and boring I added some bubbles (not circles). There could be a certain reason why they are green and all different and not cubes but I leave the philosophic part to you. In fact there are more important things to agonise about.


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