Kehilangang focus

Actually I should be working on my study assignment right now. But my thoughts are just too far away at the moment to focus on things like study work. So instead of starring at the display or rather stalking instagram or old pictures that won´t improve the situation, I decided to write. Not what I am supposed to write but at least there is an output even though it´s not the output needed right now. This really won´t be something productive. So if you want to spend your time for something useful, don’t read this.

Actually this happens mostly when I feel under pressure to do something. Especially when it has to be done at the laptop. There are just too many things that distract you. Or maybe I am just not the type that can easily focus on a certain thing. Too be honest my mood is a disaster the last few days or maybe even weeks. The reason? A long story… I actually would like to write about some of things running around my head. Soo many new perceptions I made. A mixture of surprises, dreams, faith, family, weakness, tears, memories, loss, hope … like everything that is part of life. But at the moment I feel just too tired for that, maybe it´s simply too much or maybe I have to get a distance from it first.

Buuut things will be fine. I am sure. No matter how bad a situation seems, how low you feel it´s temporary. It´s life. And life is not supposed to always be easy. Humans are not supposes to always be happy. It´s okay to be upset. Clouds also have to cry sometimes so there is place again for the sun come out. (May be a spoiler for a later post.)

The only important thing is that you never lose faith whatever happens. Life is beautiful and there are so many wonderful things to happen even though you don´t know yet.

So finally I just want to share one fact (for me it´s a fact but it may depend on ones believe) that always encourages me not to lose hope, to drop totally and to get up again: You are not alone. Allah is always with you. He knows what´s best for you and He has planned something great for you.

Maybe you would also like to share how you handle hard situations or how you get back to productivity after a experience that shapes you a lot. I would be curios to hear about.

Stay tuned and have a nice week!


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