Change anything

We are so crazy I can´t believe it

We are so strange, no one understands

But we just know what our way is

We know what we are doing this for


For the pleasure of our Lord

Because all the graces given to us

The responsibility we take

We are just us


So many suffering

So much pain

You simply wish to live in your own life

Shut down the door again


Don´t close your eyes

Cause it won´t change



Life is going on,

If you´re in, if you´re not

Problems won´t solve

If no one is fighting for


Get up your voice

Say what´s to be said

Get up your feed

Do what´s to be done

Note: One of the melodies I used to play biking home from school. Life is hard sometimes and unfair. But there are much worse things outside you have no idea about. And you may think ´Why should I care? It´s none of my business.´ But Allah gave us responsibility to take care of the planet we live on and the people, especially our brothers and sisters, living here with us. So closing your eyes and living in your own bubbles won´t make things better. Fight, not only for yourself but for the ones who need you.


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