Untitled Song

This is probably the first song I wrote that is completed in itself. I mean it even has a Chorus, not just a few obscure lines like usually.

I wrote it in my last highschool year in a time where I started to think a lot about society´s impact on the development of the indivdual being. And how dangeroues, how destroying this can be. But it wouldn´t had become a song if there was no emotional background behind. No person to adresse. In this year I almost lost a friend because she tried to kill herself, another one because she changed in strange direction. I was concerned about my grand cousines growing up in a society that teaches twisted values.

And in general sometimes seeing childhood friends thinking back to the old days I wonder how they could get like that. What society made of them. Of course this don´t has to be something bad, change is something natural. But it depends on in which direction this change leads….

I named it “Untitled” because I simply have no idea for an appropriate name. Maybe you have an idea? And maybe not everysong needs to have a title.

Untitled song.png

Do you wonder why I chose green as background colour despite it´s a serios, rather frustrating topic? If no, I tell you anyways.

I choose green because I still keep the hope that people realize what this life is about. That they reflect, recognize the really important values, stand against the mainstream and find their way to true happiness that nothing can undermine. Happiness and Peace in their hearts, in their souls, for their lives and for what will come after.



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