Yesterday I drove home to my parents house – four hours by train that actually should have been 2 ½. But because some delays and train trouble it became four. But this was okay because I had a really great incident after waiting for the next train for about an hour. (Even if I would not have had this incident it would have been okay.)

Actually it was nothing special if you see it from the surface. In the train on the opposite of my place were sitting a young man – no it´s not about him. And on the seats in front of us were sitting his mother, grandmother and sisters (at least that´s what I think they were). The smallest girl was about six years old and this post is in first case about her. The family spoke Arabic, so I guess they came from Syria. It could have been another Arabic speaking country as well but due to their outward appearance and because most refugees are coming from Syria right now this was what I expected. In the end it doesn´t really matters which country they are from.

So back to the little girl on the place in front of me. Instead of sitting on her seat she prefered to run to (what I assumed) her big brother, the guy on the other side of the aisle. She asked him to play with her like children usually do when they are bored. So he entertained her, made grimaces, they played clapping games… then she got back to her place, came back to him, ran away again. Once, twice, thrice, I stopped counting. And every time she wanted to play with him he joined her.  He didn´t sent her off or continued playing with his mobile phone (like many other adults or teens would do). He does not even reacted annoyed. And every time they were playing her laughter filled the room – or let´s say the train wagon.

Children running around, wanting to play and making noise can be very annoying, especially when you were looking forward to a calm train ride to relax or may have planned to continue some study exercises. But it wasn´t annoying at all. Instead it made me so happy that I had to smile the whole train journey. After hearing all the horrifying news about the cruelness happening in Aleppo, in Syria, seeing this little girl playing, lauhging and knowing her safe, at least for the moment, gave me hope. It gave me hope for the children ou there to get away from the terrible circumstances like there are in Syria and in so many other places in this world. Hope that they will be a future – a future filled with laughter and joy. Because no child should grow up among debris and ash, in pain of bombs, torture and persecution. This doesn´t mean that childhood is bloomy everyday. A little pain, a little hardship is needed for every human to grow. But don´t let the good memories be covered by fear.

I really would have liked to talk to her and the family but unfortunatly I am not the kind of person who simply talks to strangers. But I hope and pray for this little girl, her family and all the people who could escape the terror taking place in this world that they will have a bright future surrounded by people that love them, a supportive and affectionate environment, that they somehow will be able to bear with the tragedies they had to experience and can build up a new life in peace, love and safety.



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