Grateful to have you

At the moment there are so many things in my mind and I have the feeling I had to write everything down to somehow relieve it a little and to focus on things like studying *uff*.

But like it is (or like I am) when you have a lot work to do, you start with the thing that is the less important. But actually it feels quite necessary. So let´s just start with some thoughts that are going around in my head for some while and of what I came aware again today, something positive besides all the depressing, stressing other things happening right in this world.

We all meet a lot of people in our lives, almost every day. And I am sure that for every person we meet, there is a purpose. (In fact I don´t believe in coincidences anyway)

Allah sends us the right people at the right times. Some are a lesson, a test, a blessing and some become the strength you need to master this life or simply to take the next step forward.

Some are only appearing for a single moment, maybe we don´t even get to know their names.

Some are staying for a short amount of time, a time that can become very precious.

And some people are staying forever. Or maybe just until He decides that the purpose they came in our lives is fulfilled.

And sometimes He takes someone away from us to replace them with someone better.

Letting go may seem harder than it´s said.

Even though a person might has left, the memories won´t. But this isn´t bad at all. It´s good. Because in everything that happens to us lays something good. Allah knows and He is the best planner.

At this point I want to thank every person that came to my life and made me to the person I am today. Because every moment, every person, shapes you somehow.

I am grateful for all the love, the teachings, the lessons, the advices, the struggles.

I am grateful for the laughter, the cry, the pain, the smiles and may it just be a little gesture that brighten up my day or made me think a little deeper about something, to reflect about myself and about the world.

I am grateful for the deep discussions, the wordless moments and the little daily talks because this is what makes life so valuable.

[I won´t get deeper in this topic right now because it´s already late and things like studying and class preparation still had to be done although they would be soooo much more to add. Hopefully another time.]


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